3 weeks left to go

This week I had experienced my first ever day trip to Kuala Lumpur. Usually I would stay at least one night, but not this time. The purpose?

To attend a Visa interview at the US Embassy!

I didn’t quite know what to expect. All I knew was that I was scheduled for the Visa interview at 11.30am and I should plan to arrive at the guard house half an hour before, and I thought it was due to the security checks.

Didn’t realise it was because of the long line of people waiting to get into the embassy. I didn’t even know which line I was supposed to join.

However, since I was a “special guest” –  being a US Fellowship recipient, I was immediately bumped up the line.

Got my visitor's tag!
Got my visitor’s tag!

When I mentioned to my CSP Alumni mentor that I was worried about my visa application, he told me the process is just formalities. I didn’t understand what he meant until I got there.

And yes, it was pretty straightforward. They got my biometric fingerprint scans, asked me to sign a form, got me to sit down, called me again to verify my prints and pass me the form that I signed for keeping, and that was it!

I met another CSP Fellow while waiting for my turn and we were comparing notes about where we’re heading. I am most likely to be going to San Francisco for my practicum with Paid Leave US (PLUS) (still have not received my confirmation letter), while he was likely going to be posted in Texas at a college (he hasn’t received his confirmation letter either).  At least that conversation made us both feel relieved, knowing that we weren’t alone in waiting impatiently for more concrete information 😛

After that interview, it was just meeting up with the International Exchange Alumni Coordinator who gave me a goodie bag and briefed me about what to expect and what the Alumni was all about.

A collar pin to add to my collection
A collar pin to add to my collection

And I was done by lunch! Loads of time to kill before my flight back home to KK.

Only 3 short weeks left at home, which is a little surreal considering that there are still some loose ends to be tied up.

Some people have asked me if my son is coming along (he’s not) and commented how much I’m going to miss him.

I know they mean well, but I actually don’t need the reminder, because it’s the one thing that I keep thinking about over and over again every single day. After all, the longest we’ve ever been apart is 4 nights since he was born, and for most other events and trips, I would have taken him with me. Aside from the fact that getting a Visa for him would be impossible, I do feel personally that he would be safer back home in familiar settings, with a large number of family members who care and could look after him, rather than in a strange foreign country where even his mother isn’t even sure of how things are done.

What I do need reminding is my purpose for going away and doing this Fellowship. That it is a wonderful rare opportunity to discover my potential so I can come home and do something great.

I need to keep strong.

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