Hi, I’m Sabrina Aripen, the main writer at SanaSiniSitu.com!

Hi there!

I live on a small, bustling Malaysian city called Kota Kinabalu (also lovingly called KK by locals), located on an island called Borneo, lying just slightly North of the Equator. This means, I live in sunny (and hot!) conditions, basically all year round.

I would say as a loyal resident of this city, that we have EVERYTHING. Mountains, beaches, amazing sunsets, forests, rivers, you name it.

You must be wondering at this point… What the HECK is SanaSiniSitu??

Well, the name of my blog is actually derived from 3 Malay words;

Sana – There

Sini – Here

Situ – Over There

In a nutshell, the name means, “here, there and everywhere”.

My blog will be mostly about the city and the amazing things that it offers, but I will also write about other places that I have visited whenever I have the chance to travel as well as an amazing opportunities that I have managed to secure.

Readers can expect honest reviews, as I am an independent blogger, and I don’t accept free goods or services in exchange for positive coverage.

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